The 13 May 2016

You guides your child not to talk to strange?

Since years ago, parents teach their children that they must not accept gifts, candies, candy from strangers. The main reason for this is the concern for the safety of the small and the fear of it being away from family.

It's not easy to talk about it or have 100% certainty that the child simply will not talk to any strangers around, because nowadays, kidnappers increasingly use techniques to take the children away.

The conversation should be performed when the child starts to understand certain things, when playing in a park, for example, is a routine for her. Yes, any diverted to look parents accidentally get, can be a window for the kidnapper to act.

Must explain to the child that she must refuse politely any thing to offer to her, because you don't know what's out there and what are the intentions of the person. And that whenever a stranger get close, the child should go towards the parents and ask for "help" for them.

With the older is different because they are alone and have a life completely different from when they were young. They should keep an eye out on the street with valuables, if some stranger arrives to offer drugs and also via internet, because pedophiles use fake profiles to gain the confidence of a teenager.

These instructions must be repeated whenever necessary, since children aren't going to get it the first time it is spoken. Repeat always and remember what to do when these incidents happen.


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