The 29 April 2016

The value of work

May 1 is considered the labor day. As well as other important dates that are celebrated in our country, the workers also deserve this special tribute.

It is a day of celebration II, since the growth of Nations depends on the work of the people. Only they're not all countries celebrating on the same date.

Man has always had to work to survive. Since the ancient years, where the search for food hunting and fishing reflected the primitive men, until today that they need the money to buy food, clothing, a place to sleep etc.



Labor Day is especially important because it is on that date that we remember the human effort to modify the nature and exploit it for the progress of mankind. This date became official in September 1925, when President Arthur Bernardes created a specific decree to labor day.

It is important that children know the value of work from small, so they will grow with the idea that work, strive and become someone in life is essential these days. Learn about careers at school, talk to the parents and say what it will be when you grow up, determine the value of each profession and know that no matter the area, everyone works with honesty to have a better future.

All workers must be respected in their professions, doctor, teacher, lawyer, gari, garbage man, Mason, and driver among thousands of other professions, which are essential in our lives and for the well-being of the community.

Teach your child to be responsible from the earliest of age with simple house tasks, how to help wash dishes, keep toys, take out the trash. each age group has its potential, for example, is not the time to ask a child of three years that wash your plate, but teach where you store your toys is an option.


From there it is the duty of the parents started coaching her from an early age what to do and as she grows, can learn several different things with the support of those responsible.

The son is the reflection of the parents, so if it has a good home base, good teachings and with working parents, educated and responsible, the chances of this child grow up to be a hardworking person and worker are high!

The table below shows the appropriate ages for each task that the child can perform.


Your son can help-in-house

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