The 13 May 2016

The cold should not be a problem at bath time!

The cold is coming and if you are mom and Dad of the first trip, who dies of shame of bathing your baby in this time, we have some tips for you.

The old theory to skip the shower on cold days, just passing the pre-moistened towelette, is a beautiful bust. The small bathroom must be daily, with rain, snow, Sun, storm, whatever it is. And the head of them should be washed every day.

So your baby won't suffer as much in winter, choose to bathe in times that are more ' hot ', near the lunch or mid-afternoon for example, since in the morning or in the evening, the temperatures are lower and the impact on the child's body will be greater.

But don't take into account only the time warmer, see signs that the baby's body gives the shower. If present, slowness, sleepiness if your hands or feet are cool and lips roxinho, the best thing to do is postpone the bath and keep the child warm enough.

After choosing bath time, adjust the water temperature. Even if it's cold, it's not a good option overheat the bath water, as it can dry the baby's skin. Keep the water warm, slightly warm. And to know if it is the ideal temperature, soak in water to the inside of your forearm.

Let the warm place, this prevents when the baby out of the water, take a shock in the cold air. Close all doors and Windows, if you have a heater, use to warm up the room or bathroom, just ten minutes before the shower is enough.

And another important tip is that the passage from tub to shower, should be made around two and a half years of age, because the child is already starting to walk and stay firmer alone!


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