Redeem Coupon


If you made it this far is because you received a promotional coupon to download for free Timokids’ exclusive stories. See below how to use your code in Timokids for Android or iOS.

To redeem your coupon and have free access to the educational stories of Timokids, follow the steps below:

1. Login on Timokids, click settings (1) and then click on redeem coupon (2).

Regastar cupom passo 1

3. Enter your promotional coupon and click OK. We’re almost there!

Regastar cupom passo 3

2. Type the numbers of the parental control as directed. This is part of our security for children. 🙂

Regastar cupom passo 2

4. Ready! The stories released will have a tag. Enjoy and have fun with the kids!

Regastar cupom passo 4

If you still have doubts, don’t worry. Just send an email to and we will help you redeem your coupon!