The 25 April 2016

Son x Education

Every mother or father must have heard that education is a responsibility that must be shared between school and family. We usually even set what is the role of each: while the educational institution must pass the intellectual knowledge, the function of the family is associated with the behavior, morals, and values of children. But that’s not quite how it works.

As well as the teachers help mold the character of the kids, the parents also have a duty to be involved in their children’s intellectual formation. It starts with the first steps of the child in school. This initial phase, inclusive, is one of the most important moments in the development of children because that’s when they begin to understand (without notice) the role of that environment.

It is essential that parents walk together in the growth and new learnings acquired by children. Encourage practices such as reading, homework, and study may be essential to their future. Just being around the kids it will be possible to identify what are your biggest challenges and early target them or seek some professional help (either a tutor or a psychologist, for example), if necessary.

Follow studies is also a fundamental attitude to strengthen ties with the children. They need to know that you are there to help, guide and, of course, collect. Having this support is important for children to have security and don’t just aimlessly when you’re struggling. Over time, you will not be you who will follow every step of them in school but are they that will come to you telling the news of the College or asking for help.

Of course, everything has a limit. Take care to preserve the space and free time of the little ones. Set aside a time for fun, do not cover results and respect their preferences. Let’s also agree that after a full day at school, the last thing kids want to do studies. The best way to aggregate in-house knowledge is by encouraging activities that blend learning and fun, which can happen through TV shows, games, and applications.

Therefore, transmitting knowledge is not an exclusive task of the school. Parents need to be always alert to what happens at school, including adding new learnings. A proactive attitude in relation to teaching will certainly bring a closer relationship between parents and children, as well as being a determining factor for the proper development of children.

Fabiany Lima is the mother of Twins, writer of children’s books and created the Timokids application, which offers books and those games with 3D illustrations narrated and subtitled in 4 languages and encourages family interaction.

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