The 9 May 2016

Power supply after one year of age, what changes:

Before the first year of age of small phase ' oatmeal ' is an experience for both parents and the child, because it involves a discovery of different flavors. After a year, the child is able to eat food even as some rice, vegetables, of course, there are some doubts about this subject. But an alert and tip we left here for you, breast milk should continue after the first birthday and extend until the second or a little more. But cow's milk is also released.

One of the reasons for small changes, is the growth rate after your first year. Now he practically tripled the prisoner, increased its height by more than 50% and the normal now, is to continue to grow, it's going to decrease this rate too fast.

You know that cheek fat and hot your little? Those babies well plump even? After completing a year's normal he starts losing weight, he's going to walk, run, and grow. It's not because he's eating little is not just the change in their growth.

At that age, the child begins to be more independent, can catch some foods with your hand, you will learn to use the spoon, even though we didn't have a lot of practice with shooting, can hold your cup and so on. Mom at that stage, you have to have a little more patience, because the child is discovering a new world and prepares to full attention to it.

Try to reduce the consumption of sweet foods always or very greasy, like chocolate, candy, soda, snacks … Remember that your does not know these tastes yet, so try to be a little late this ' meal ' and introduce healthier, such as fruit, natural juice, vegetables … The palate is forming now, so it's a great time to start a good education.

The small can wonder at the beginning these different foods, so every time he prove something, make party, praise, play games and use that as an incentive to him to continue eating. And always offer new things. A nice idea is to create fun, doing dishes happy faces with food.

Separate a table of how should be the child's feeding, check out

The information contained in this table was taken from the blog mother luggage

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