The 27 April 2016

Paths of female entrepreneurship

In the month that we celebrate International Women's day, I chose to talk about the reasons to celebrate women's achievements in the entrepreneurial field. The time has passed where stick-in-the-mud advocated the premise that "a woman's place is in the kitchen", currently his wife's occupying more and more space in the labour market and many faced the challenge of undertaking. The numbers of IBGE (2015) show that we are already over 6,000,000 of entrepreneurs, which represents 8% of the female population of Brazil, besides the number of companies controlled by women has grown to 43% in 2015. The numbers are impressive, however when we talk in the market of technology and startups the reality is quite different. Reflection of male dominance in the exact area, technology-based companies are mostly founded by men. Of more than 580,000 professionals that operate in Brazil, only 20% are women, according to National Research for sample of Domiciles (PNAD). This pattern repeats itself in the world of startups, where in General 90% are founded and led by a man. According to data from Babson College, just 15% of the startups who receive investment have women in leadership team and companies with female CEOs receive only 3% of contributions in the country. In the face of this reality, some initiatives meant to promote female entrepreneurship and the participation of women in the market for startups and technology.
Development initiatives
40Forward – Google's Program for Entrepreneurs, which offers support and investments of $ 1 million to 40 partner organisations that are increasing the representation of women entrepreneurs in their communities of startups.
Startup Weekend Women-enterprising Immersion of 54 hours, the Startup Weekend Women was created to encourage female participation in the events. The event proposes that 75% of the participants, mentors and organizers are women. In Brazil were held 07 editions, being concurrent in October 5/2015 making it the largest event ever held. In 2016, will be ten events in all Brazil, Christmas will receive an edition in October.
Where to find:
Technovation-Commanded in Brazil by Camila Achutti, Technovation is a global entrepreneurship and technology program for girls. Where are created teams of girls from 10 to 18 years, to develop a mobile application to solve a social problem. In 2015, the Technovation impacted more than 2,000 girls in 21 States of Brazil. Where to find: http://www.technovationchallenge.org/brasil
Entrepreneurial women network-founded in 2010, the network has more than 36,500,000 Woman entrepreneurs, providing content, tips and news about entrepreneurship, as well as courses and mentorias.

Where to find: http://redemulherempreendedora.com.br
Code Girl-On Christmas, we have a support group for women in the it area, founded by Suzy Oliveira and Claudia, the Girl emerged as an action to dialogue about the reasons why female participation in it in Brazil is so small. Out created an event with motivational talks, where working women and undertake in the area speak about challenges and competitions.

Where to find: www.codegirl.com.br
The owners of the business, according to Dow Jones VentureSource, research companies with female presence tend to provide better results, the companies interviewed 20000 1.3% have women as founders, 6.5% as CEOs and 20% as executives. In startups with five or more women, 61% are successful, while 39% didn't work.
In Brazil we have cases of entrepreneurial success ahead of startups across the country and to encourage the participation of women in this area I give you some examples of businesses.
Emotion.Me – Startup founded by Bruna Banerjee, is the first one-stop-shop of marriages in the country. The deal that had been created after Bruna turn bride and idnetificar a niche market, already answered more than 35000 weddings since 2012. Emotion.Me is currently in the phase of scale and seeking strategic partnerships.
Payleven-the mobile payment platform founded by Adriana Barbosa, developed payment solutions to microeempreendedores. The payleven is financed by large European and American companies and is present in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom and Brazil.
Timo Kids – the application for mobile phones and tablets with stories and games workers is led by Daniel Lima. The startup is present in more than 190 countries and has more than 80000 downloads. In 2015, the company opened to microinvestimentos through the platform Startup Broota, earning over $ 200,000 R$ real.
Trustvox – the platform focused on e-commerce market, bet on the power of consumer opinion and making sure reviews. Led by Tatiana Pezoa, the company already counts with more than 450 customers, among which stand out the Apothecary and the Walmart.
Contentools-the Contentools is a pioneering platform for marketing automation and management of content. Emilia Chagas is the entrepreneur ahead of this startup, with accelerated growth the company won customers like Zendesk and uncomplicate it and has already reached 2,000,000.
Klipbox-not to stop talking about local case, the Klipbox is a news monitoring platform with clients throughout the country. Founded in 2012 by the person that you write and my partner Dante Henry, we have achieved some important results, as acceleration by Gem Ventures and approval in the federal program Startup Brazil. We currently have in our client list organs such as CDL, couriers, Senac, Sesi and Fecomércio. We have numerous other successful cases around the country, classic example how to Magazine Luiza Trajano Allan, the fact is that the path is still long to achieve gender equality in the business environment, however it's a comfort to know that there is space and initiatives that seek to empower new entrepreneurs to expand daily even more successful numbers.

Link: http://www.informaticaemrevista.com.br/post/85

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