The 26 April 2016

Jealousy between siblings

My oldest daughter asked for a little brother. I guess that's why they won january 3. Past the shock at receiving the news of the pregnancy trigemelar, I began to prepare myself psychologically for the issue of jealousy between siblings.

Me informed with Dr. Google on how to help the little girl of nine years to cope with the drastic loss of attention when the trio was born.

However, to my surprise, she didn't have a shred of jealousy of the brothers. I don't know if it was because of the great difference in age or by the immense desire to win a little brother. But, sometimes, I think she saw the chaos of our lives and felt myself was sorry mom and dad!!!

But I know that is not always so. So today's post has hints of Great Kids on how to tackle the problem.

In the beginning, if you are still pregnant:

  • The conversation is the best thing! Include the eldest in the choice of the name, in the baby room decor, outdoor sidewalks between parents and son.
  • If you do a book of pregnancy include the older in photos! But always respecting its collaboration. Will have 1 hour in which he will get tired and will want to stop.
  • If the older ask, give! But sitting! And you can be sure that he will ask. The jealousy of seeing a little brother in the belly of your mother can get him to act different and more ' childish '.
  • When born, let the oldest hold the baby whenever they want, with help, of course. But also have some time alone with him, hugging and giving the attention he needs right now.

When they grow up and fight a lot:

  • Take the time to enjoy each child. The best way to diminish the jealousy, competitiveness and help increase friendship is taking care so that they feel good about the day to day.
  • Talk to each other and let them talk about their feelings, thoughts and try to help them. It is common for siblings to feel anger in some fights, and they need to learn to deal with that feeling, because they can be aggressive with each other. So, talk and support your kids is a great tip to avoid the fighting.
  • Place line. Joke, profanity should be avoided and banned! Even though they speak which is not strong, it doesn't hurt, it's just a joke, a joke of hand always ends up wrong!
  • Play with them, take a walk, invent interactive games in which two can play. The Union of the family is an eternal bond and love also strengthens everything. Play and laugh with the kids is a solution that will go very well.
Source: Timo Kids

These were the search tips!

If I didn't stand up to problems with the older girl, now I'm living a real challenge with the triplets, who dispute our laps, and our attention to every minute!

I'm trying to deploy the tips here … I just don't know where to get space in my day to have an exclusive time with each of the four children! But I'm not giving up! Good luck to us, moms!


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