The 26 April 2016

How to teach children what is right?

When a child does not act appropriately, instinctively put the blame on parents. If we stop to think, the words "rude" or "naughty" refer precisely to education provided by the family. In fact, parents are responsible for the attitudes of children. However, this does not mean that they have total control over the child.

Education is not a logical process, accurate and predictable. Be a great mother does not guarantee that your child will receive all the good values that you passed. Even we know kids love that which is not right: escape the rules, ready and do some mess always brings a different feel to them.

However, we must not count on luck to educate them. There are a number of strategies that can facilitate the learning of children, so that the teachings don't go in one ear and out the other. The first step is the most obvious: you need to make it clear to them what is right, what is wrong, what is right and what wrong.

So that the message has a better chance of being assimilated, browse to explain everything so playful, using examples and comparisons that make sense for children. One of the most important values to be transmitted is empathy, that is, the ability to put in place and understand their emotions. It's not easy for us, adults. But if your child understand that he always has to think about the next in every attitude to take, it will be a big step for him to reflect before making a mistake.

Another important tip is to try to combine learning with fun. Teach good values need not be necessarily boring and tedious. You can learn a lot of good by means of games, applications, designs, films and various other forms of entertainment.

Finally, always try to reinforce the gesture rather than punish bad behavior. We often forget to praise, without realizing that it makes much difference. A compliment has more effectiveness than a punishment when there is something wrong. It is of course important to scold, show what's not right and, if deemed necessary, to give a punishment. But don't forget to cherish the good attitudes, for surely it will be marked for children.

As much as parents cannot mold their children completely worth it if you make those strategies to pass good values. Above all, know quantitate the situation: do not cover too much for something that is not entirely to their control, but take the responsibility and have a proactive attitude in relation to the education of children.

* Daniel Lima is the mother of Twins, writer of children's books and created the Timokids application, which offers books and those games with 3D illustrations narrated and subtitled in 4 languages and encourages family interaction.


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