How about taking the educational content of the Timokids for your company?

The educational content of the Timokids can be distributed in promotional activities and social campaigns for companies, schools, NGOs and governmental entities. Meet our formats.

Father and child on tablet
Timolico with you story

Sponsored stories and games

We develop stories and children’s games according to the strategy of our partners.

Timokids’ promotional coupons

It offers free access to educational stories of Timokids. The coupons can be printed or sent via email and through your social media.
Coupons with your logo
movies with your logo

White Label

A Timokids100% customized to you business. Use Timokids’ technology with the colors and information of your company.

Book printing on demand

Choose the stories and we take care of the Timokids’ book printing. Make promotional campaigns or social activities in the communities you company assists.
Timokids' books offered by your company

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