Social Campaign “Bye-Bye Aedes” by Timokids

Timokids, with the help of its partners and sponsors, did in the last week of August the campaign “Bye-bye Aedes”.

In this activity, 2,500 books with the story “Prevention is the Best Remedy” were distributed to children of the NGO “Casa do Zezinho.”

The story teach children how to identify potential breeding grounds of Aedes Aegypti, good practices to prevent favorable environments for the mosquito, and how to prevent diseases like Dengue and Zika Virus.

Timokids App educativo
Timokids Aplicativo para crianças

“Timokids is an app for children, and cares about the influence of technology on families. It is important to use digital media to bring content that cause a positive social impact for more and more people”, says Fabiany Lima, founder of Timokids.

“Now, we want to conduct similar campaigns, on a global scale, to change the behavior of new generations through responsible content. It is essential for companies to be increasingly engaged in causes that help educate families on relevant topics to society “, she adds.

Timokids and the children of the NGO “Casa do Zezinho”, thank all the friends, partners and sponsors, that like us, believe that we can build a better world through the children.

Campanha Tchau Aedes Timokids

Thank you!

Timokids is an app with educational games and stories that help parents and teachers talk to children about essential topics to their growth, such as bullying, health, respect, citizenship, and many others.
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With your participation, we can create more campaigns like this to benefit children and their communities. Please contact us.