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Educational app for children with multilingual stories and games!

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  • Approved by psychologists and pedagogues!
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A mobile app for children that educates and entertains!

Timokids is a mobile application for children with educational stories and games, narrated and subtitled in several languages.
An edutainment app for kids with more than 50 stories that helps parents and teachers to talk and teach kids about essential subjects for their growth, such as bullying, social behavior, prejudgment, healthy, and many others.

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Family and children learn and have fun together!

Timokids is an app for children and for all the family! We encourage the use of technology in a responsible way, delivering education and entertainment so parents and their kids can have fun together!

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Stories are reviewed and approved by psychologists!

All Timokids’ stories are reviewed and approved by psychologists and pedagogues. We are internationally certified by KidSafe Seal as a 100% safe app for children.

Games that stimulate creativity

Timokids is more than a mobile app for children with educational stories. We stimulate children’s creativity and their brain development with challenges and games!

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How about to have Timokids’ educational stories in your company?

Timokids supports social initiatives for companies, NGOs and government entities. With your help, we can take Timokids’ educational content to more and more children!
Join us and help us make children able to build a better future!

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